What is BURCS?

The Berkshire Ultra Running Community for Service was founded in 2013 by three passionate long-distance runners from Western Massachusetts. The BURCS crew is composed of runners of all ages who seek to use their passion for sport and activism to spread awareness about important social, civic, and environmental issues.

In addition to the Free to Run Trail Races, the BURCS crew also hosts these very popular Ultra Running events:

The Vegan Power 50k

The Sweltering Summer 8 Hr and Marathon

Jug End Loop 6 hour

BURCS Notchview Ultra (6,12,24,48,72 hour)

BURCS Race Series

Runners who complete all 3 marquee BURCS races (2018 Vegan Power 50k/25k, the 2018 Sweltering Summer 8hr/Marathon, and one of the 2018 Free to Run Trail Races) will be awarded the title of BURCS Badass at the conclusion of the Free to Run races and will receive a special BURCS Badass Buckle.

2014 BURCS Badass Recipients

2014 BURCS Badass Recipients

Please check out the BURCS Homepage and the BURCS Facebook group for more information and to join in the fun.

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